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January 2004 The British Council - the Peacekeeping English Project - has purchased 300 CD ROMs "International Law for conflicts, War and Crisis Response Operation" to distribute them to the NATO member and acsession countries.

The CD ROMs are successfully used by:

  • Estonia - National Defence Academy, Tartu
  • Estonia - Baltic Defence College, Tartu
  • Estonia - Peace Keeping Centre, Paldiski
  • France - EUROCorps, Strassbourg
  • Germany - School of Artillery (national officer cadet language training centre)
  • Germany - 1st German - Netherlands Corps, Muenster
  • Germany - NATO CC Land, Heidelberg
  • Latvia - Military Academy, Riga
  • Latvia - Langauge Centre, Adazi
  • Lithuania - Military Academy, Vilnius
  • Switzerland - NCO School & Military Academy for Officer training
  • United Kingdom - British Council, London Peace Keeping English Project
... and many more

The interactive CD-ROMs
Tactical English for Land Forces in Pease Support Operations &
International Law in Crisis and War
have been in use now for some time. One can identify 3 different ways of use:
  1. Military Academies , like the NCO School of Switzerland or English language Centres in military academies of Latvia & Estonia use the CDs as supplementary teaching tools during English Courses leading up to STANG 6001 level 3.
  2. Military Headquarters like NATO's Component Command Land HQ in Heidelberg or the 1 (German Netherlands) Corps use the interactive CD-ROMs to improve their staffs English language skills for real missions or exercises. CCL Heidelberg uses the CDs as well in military English language training as part of their contribution to Partnership Work Programme.
  3. Military Colleges , like the Baltic Defence College in Tartu / Estonia are using the interactive CD-ROMs for their students to improve the students English language skills. The student works without an English teacher in his/her study room. A significant improvment can be noticed already after a short time. The students are more active during classes and deliver sound written papers.